1928 Hoagies

1928 S 9th Street, Philadelphia , PA
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Mon-Sun (6AM-6PM)


Remember when you were a kid and your grandparents would take you to South Philly for lunch for a delicious hoagie.. It would be a corner store that not many people knew about except for the people in the neighborhood. That first bite was the best and you couldn't wait to go back that next weekend. There are very few around anymore.. But here we are! You want to come check us out! Bring the kids so they can experience what you did! That first bite will make you want to come back again and again..
1928 Hoagies is located just 6 blocks from the well known, World Famous Italian Market. We are the place where you want to go for lunch. Convenient and fast. Fresh, made to order hoagies and sandwiches. Not like all those other places where its been sitting for hours. We make it when you walk in the door.

Hoagie, lunchmeat & cheese, fruit & veggie trays.
We also have specialty rolls & bread available for local businesses and for your own parties and events.